Starcare Pillow

Australian Made

Used and trusted by hospitals. Completely fluid proof, waterproof, anti-fungal, bacteria resistant and breathable.

Filled with 525grams of high quality fire retardant polyester fibre. Covered with a blue coloured PVC/ polyester laminate (exclusive agreement with supplier), fire retardant and anti-tear.

Specially heat-welded so fibres can’t escape and elements can’t enter.

Available in:
Standard – 525grams fill (regular). 250grams fill recovery wards.
Profiles – Other profiles of regular and large curved pillows which are securely sealed with double sided tape.
Contact Jaspa Herington for more information.

Perfect for:

Care Instructions: Wipe clean with neutral soap suds and luke warm water.

(Note: This pillow will be delivered in unbranded and clear poly bag packaging).


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Key Features

Australian Made

We are proud to be Australian Made Campaign Partners and all of our locally made products bear the Australian Made Logo.

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