How to choose your ideal Blanket


Choosing which blanket is the right one for you depends on the warmth, weight and texture you prefer.

When the weather cools down and you need some extra insulation at night, a wool blanket will provide plenty of warmth. It will keep you warm without being stuffy, and has inherent anti-bacterial properties, so you can keep cleaning to a minimum. By placing the blanket in between your top sheet and quilt you will receive the warmth from both the quilt and blanket. If you place the blanket on top of your quilt, you won’t generate the warmth from both items.

A good wool blanket will last for years if follow the manufactures care instructions.

Wool blankets in Waffle weave are incredibly durable. They are so well-made that you’ll use them for many years to come. The tiny indented squares all over this style of blanket are how it got its name. The waffle weave creates an experience that’s like a thick blanket and a thin blanket rolled into one, making it heavy enough to be cosy when it’s cold out, but breathable enough to be a comfortable blanket when the weather gets warmer.

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