How to choose your ideal Quilt

A Quilt is one of the biggest investments you will make for you and your bed.

Just like the pillow, it can sometimes be one of the hardest to get right!

You may be a hot or cold sleeper, or may prefer the luxuriously soft, light and fluffy feel of a Goose Down Quilt, or the soft and cosy feel of a Wool or Alpaca Quilt, for colder months/sleepers. Perhaps a light-weight cotton for comfort and softness is what you are after for warm months/sleepers.

Alternatively – for those suffering with allergies – a Microfibre quilt or a Polyester quilt may be your preferred choice.

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Useful Tips When Choosing

It is always wise to consider when choosing your Quilt – how you want it to feel on you (light or weighted), room temperature and bed, months of the year, your sleeping temperature, washing preferences, price point, manufacturing (Australian vs import, warranty, fabric, finish and construction).

INSIDER TIP: If you’ve ever had the disagreement of finding a quilt that suits two different individuals’ warmth needs, wool has the natural ability of creating a microclimate which helps to regulate body temperature and reduce hot spots to assist in a well-ventilated bed.

The Fillings

Natural Fibres

Natural fillings such as wool, alpaca, cotton, duck and goose down, are known for their natural softness, loft and breathability and have great thermal and insulation properties. The fibres allow your skin to breathe and transport body moisture away from your body, keeping you comfortable over a wide range of conditions. Natural fibre quilts are highly resilient and will last for years if cared for properly.

Goose down & feather quilts have warmth without weight. Fibres are durable and able to breathe, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. The higher the percentage of down content to feather, the lighter and warmer the product will be. The softness of down allows the quilt to snuggle around you.
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Soft and cosy, wool creates a microclimate that assists and regulates your individual body temperature to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Wool naturally insulates and breathes, which helps you maintain a comfortable body temperature throughout the different seasons. In summer you will feel comfortable and won’t feel clammy. In winter you will feel warm. Wool is naturally hypo allergenic and resistant to dust mites, mould and mildew.
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Alpaca fibres are ultra soft, light, very warm and cosy… Providing the idea quilt in cooler months and/or cold sleepers. This natural fibre also regulates your body temperature keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer and mid season months.
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Cotton is known for its lightweight warmth, comfort and softness. Great for warm environments and warm sleepers, a cotton quilt is breathable and absorbs moisture away from the body to create an even heat distribution throughout the night. Cotton quilts are considered a cooler product and are normally manufactured as a summer weight or for individuals who prefer light-warmth quilts.
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Man Made Fibres

Microfibre quilts are designed to have the look and feel of feather and down, for those unable to enjoy natural fibre products. The quilts are filled with very fine polyester fibres referred to as microfibre, and are lightweight and have excellent loft. Microfibre quilts are machine washable, making them perfect for allergy sufferers or children who may need their quilts washed regularly. They have a lovely bounce back quality.
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Polyester fibre is a practical easy care fibre. The fibre is durable and can be machine washed to keep clean and provide healthy sleeping environment. The fibre keeps you warm.

Choosing a Quilt Size

Our Quilts are available in a range of different sizes from Single Bed to Super King Bed.

A useful tip to make your bed extra cosy is to choose a bigger Quilt size to your mattress size, so that there is more of the quilt hanging over the bed. For instance, a King Bed Quilt on a Queen size mattress.

Single Bed 140 x 210cm
Double Bed 180 x 210cm
Queen Bed 210 x 210cm
King Bed 240 x 210cm
Super King Bed 270 x 240cm