How to choose your ideal Pillow

Pillow choice is a very personal and an extremely important decision.

People’s sleeping position and body type are critical factors to the selection of their pillow.

Pillows vary in the fill type and fill amounts.  The right pillow gives you support and comfort and a better night’s sleep. A great night’s sleep is critical as sleeping recharges your body’s energy reserves and allows your system to recover from the strains of everyday life.

Take time to select the right pillow to ensure you get support and comfort as a pillow can not be returned due to health reasons. You need a pillow that sits in the crevice between your head and shoulder, without raising or lowering your head. Your sleeping posture should be the same as your correct standing posture.

An incorrect pillow can result in poor posture, neck pain and headaches.

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Steps to take in selecting your pillow

Sleeping position

Determine the person’s sleeping position/profile (side, back or tummy) and size of body frame (small, medium or large frame).

Pillow density

The pillow density is the amount of fill in the pillow which in turn refers to the support a pillow offers. Determine which amount of fill by their sleeping position.

Most suitable for stomach sleepers or those that change their sleeping positions frequently in the night. Also ideal for small framed people, including children. Offers a lower profile and gentle support.
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Ideal for those sleeping on their back and/or medium framed people. Offers a medium profile and added support.
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suitable for people sleeping on their side or have a large frame. Offers a higher profile and firmer support. Firm does not mean hard, it implies a denser fill.
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Pillow fill type

Choose a fill type based on their sleeping position, previous experiences and/or health requirements.

This man made fibre can be sanitised (anti bacterial) or anti-microbial (anti dustmite) therefore ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers. Polyester is an easy care fibre as it is resistant to stretching and shrinking (maintains it shape), quick drying and washable.
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Is natural and derived from the zap of a rubber tree. The pin core ventilation allows the pillow to breath. Latex conforms to the contour of your head and neck and improves your sleeping posture and support. This environment is not conducive to dustmites so is ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers.
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A man made product that moulds to the natural curvature of your neck and head, aligning them perfectly with your spine (i.e. correct spinal alignment), to help alleviate pain and provide a more restful nights sleep.
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A natural fill that provides a softer, loftier fill. This fibre type provides a squishy feel and you can manually mould the pillow to your desired shape.   The more down the softer the pillow.
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Combination of wool and polyester fibre provides a pillow that retains it shape while providing the health benefits of wool.
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Other key factors in your pillow selection

Strongly recommend to the consumer that they use a pillow protector over the pillow, to prolong the life and maintain the hygiene of the pillow.

Pillows should be replaced when they no longer provide adequate support for your head and neck.

On average a polyester pillow will last 2 years, whilst latex and memory foam will last approximately 10 years.