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Herington 85% White Goose Down Quilt

Luxurious Down softness

National Asthma Council Australia
5 Year Warranty
Excel Down

Approved by the Sensitive Choice® program of the National Asthma Council Australia.

Filled with 275gsm of low allergy ExcelDown® – specially enhanced Down fibres promoting good health, superior comfort, support and temperature control throughout the night.

Baffled cassette construction for perfect loft.

Covered with silky-smooth, high quality, piped and gusseted cotton-rich.

5 years product warranty.


Key Features

National Asthma Council Australia

The products bearing the logo have been tested and accepted by The National Asthma Councils Sensitive Choice Program, and are suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers.

5 Year Warranty

Product warranty is valid for 5 years on Herington pillows, toppers, protectors and underlays, and for 5 years on Herington quilts, from date of purchase.

Excel Down

Specially enhanced low allergy Down fibres promoting good health and restful sleep.

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