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Herington Warm Wool Quilt

Warm & cosy

Australian Made
5 Year Warranty
Excel Wool

Filled with a generous amount (550gsm) of low allergy ExcelWool® making quilt warm and cosy for winter, cool sleepers and cooler climates.

ExcelWool® is specially enhanced high quality Australian Wool.

Covered with high quality Japara.

All natural materials.

5 years product warranty.

Care Instructions: Dry clean.

Quilt Sizes:
Single Bed 140 x 210cm
Double Bed 180 x 210cm
Queen Bed 210 x 210cm
King Bed 240 x 210cm
Super King Bed 270 x 240cm


Key Features

Australian Made

We are proud to be Australian Made Campaign Partners and all of our locally made products bear the Australian Made Logo.

5 Year Warranty

Product warranty is valid for 5 years on Herington pillows, toppers, protectors and underlays, and for 5 years on Herington quilts, from date of purchase.

Excel Wool

Specially enhanced low allergy wool fibres promoting good health and restful sleep.


The Wool Mark logo means that the wool we use is Australian. The Wool Mark Company also ensure strict quality control.

Our Australian Wool Story


Introducing our Herington Warm Wool Quilt

Dive into a world of unparalleled comfort with our cosy ExcelWool® quilt, a masterpiece crafted to transform your nights into a haven of warmth and luxury. This isn’t just another wool quilt; it’s a celestial cocoon of softness and a celebration of sustainability, warmth, and the sublime beauty of natural fibres.

Filled with a generous amount (550gsm) of the finest low allergy ExcelWool® (a specially enhanced high quality Australian wool) the Herington Australian wool quilt is warm and cosy for winter, cool sleepers and cooler climates. Sizes available – Single wool quilt up to super king wool quilt. Get yours today.

Heavenly Softness for a Restful Sleep

Prepare to be swathed in a cloud of pure softness. With all natural materials and covered in premium quality Japara, you’ll experience complete luxury as you snuggle into the best wool quilt Australia knows and trusts. You’ll discover a world where comfort knows no bounds – where you are gently cradled into a peaceful sleep.

Easy Care, Endless Comfort

The Herington warm and cosy wool quilt is dry cleanable and features a 5-year warranty. For those who prefer a washable wool quilt, browse our range of machine washable Aussie wool quilts for the ultimate in easy care and convenience.

Plush Softness and Heavenly Comfort Night After Night

Elevate your sleep sanctuary to new heights with our warm Australian wool quilt. Immerse yourself in the sublime embrace of nature’s finest fibres, and let your dreams unfold in a landscape of unparalleled softness. Because when it comes to a good night’s sleep, our wool quilt is the epitome of sweet dreams and sheer comfort. Purchase a Herington wool quilt today and sleep in luxury every single night.

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