Commercial Clear Safe Pillow

Australian Made

Ideal for prisons and mental facilities where safety, security and durability are paramount for staff and population.

Covered with an innovative see-through fabric making it difficult to conceal contraband and/or weapons.

Filled with 600grams of high quality polyester fibre that is anti-fungal, bacteria resistant and breathable.

Cover is ultra strong and durable constructed of ‘glass-clear’ vinyl and reinforced with heavy duty ‘rip-stock’ polyester. It is flame retardant, fluid proof and stain resistant.

Heat welded seams and double-sided taped and stitched end, to ensure fibre can’t escape and outside factors can’t enter pillow. Exclusive agreement with supplier.

A corner valve is heat welded into the fabric so it offers breathability and can’t be removed.

Perfect for:

Care Instructions: Simply wipe clean the cover with warm soapy water.

This product is for commercial use only.

Key Features

Australian Made

We are proud to be Australian Made Campaign Partners and all of our locally made products bear the Australian Made Logo.

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