Pillow Cases


Pillow Cases

Add a little luxury to your sleeping experience with sophisticated, sateen white pillow cases from Jaspa Herington.

A pillowcase can play a vital role in determining how well you sleep, so Australia’s home of bedding, Jaspa Herington, has the perfect pillow cases for the ultimate slumber. Our pillowcases are made from the finest quality, machine washable, sateen fabric which ensures the highest possible level of comfort, convenience, and durability. For allergy sufferers, choose a hypoallergenic, or certified asthma-friendly satin pillowcase for optimal comfort. No matter what you are looking for from your pillowcase, we have got you and your pillows covered!

Is There a Standard Pillow Case Size?

A standard pillowcase is the most commonly purchased and used size by consumers. This type of pillowcase is 51cm wide by 56cm long. It’s important to remember that different types of pillows require a different pillow case size, for example, a large European pillow needs a European pillow case. Our pillow cases are available to suit a wide range of pillows, so if you need a king size pillow case, a curved pillow case or a case to suit a body pillow, you will find the perfect pillow cases for you in our range. For more advice, feel free to contact us online and our friendly customer support team will promptly reply.

Not Sure How Often to Change Pillow Cases?

There’s a lot of debate surrounding how often you should change and wash your bedding. While it’s recommended that sheets be changed weekly, protectors and underlays can go far longer without a good wash. Pillow cases, on the other hand, should be changed as often as every few days. The reason for this is that pillow cases rub against your face and hair, and these two areas hold more dirt than almost anywhere else on the body. This can result in pillow cases becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. It’s important that your linen cupboard is adequately stocked with a range of pillow cases so that you can keep your bed fresh and clean for the perfect rest.

Australia’s Leading Choice for High-Quality Bedding

Jaspa Herington has been at the forefront of the bedding industry for over 30 years, and as a proud Australian company, we use the latest technology and equipment to produce high quality, premium bedding products to suit all Australians homes. Supplying premium yet affordable pillows, quilts, protectors, underlays, and much more – it’s never been easier to upgrade your bedding and give yourself the luxurious bedding you deserve. Shop online now.